Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours of operation here?

A: We are open Monday-Sunday, 11AM-7PM!

Q: What kind of rental vehicles are offered here?

A: We offer a range of fleet Jeep vehicles! Check out our website to learn more!

Q: How do I rent a vehicle through Palm Beach Jeep Rentals?

A: You must first, select your Fleet rental vehicle and then click “Reserve Now”!

Q: I’m planning a trip to West Palm Beach, FL and am unsure what to do. Can Palm Beach Jeep Rentals offer any tourist destinations?

A: Yes! Visit out “What to do in Palm Beach” page on our website to learn more about the many tourist spots to visit on your trip!

Q: How can I get in contact with the Palm Beach Jeep Rentals team if I have any questions?

A: You can give us a call today at (561)-668-4172! We look forward to speaking and scheduling your next rental vehicle!

Q: I’m vacationing in Boca Raton, FL. Can I rent a vehicle from Palm Beach Jeep Rentals?

A: Yes! Visit our website today to learn more about renting a fleet Jeep from our team right here in West Palm Beach, FL!