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When headed down south, make sure when your search for car rentals near Coconut Creek, FL, you find us at Palm Beach Jeep Rentals. Our service is the smart and convenient option for a rental car while in town. Our staff is here to set the tone for a great time in Coconut Creek!

Our Car Rental Fleet

Jeep Wrangler OliveYou’ll find in our fleet dozens of Jeep Wrangler models ready to be driven off the lot. Our cars are versatile and stylish, meaning you can accomplish all your goals while making a lasting impression. These cars can make the reason for your trip, whether its work or vacation related, a tremendous amount of fun. You can go from the beach to the shoppes all in one go!

A great benefit of our fleet is that our Jeep Wrangler models come with retractable and removable roofing. This puts how much sun you want into your own hands. If it is a mild day, retract the roof to let in a nice breeze and take in the famous Florida sunshine. However, if you’re looking to bask in the sun and fully dive into the environment, then pack up the roof and drive in splendor!

Something else that’s terrific about our Wrangler fleet is that they come with an incredible amount of storage space. If you’re down here for work, you can pack all your needed materials safely in the cargo hold or if your travels are for more relaxing reasons, pack up as many souvenirs as you can because you’ll be hard pressed to run out space.

Renting With Us

Jeep Wrangler WhiteWe’re dedicated to bringing you a convenient and simple way to rent a car in Coconut Creek. When you’re ready, the first step is to select one of our white or grey Wrangler models. Satisfied with your choice, it’s time to book your rental. With us, you can expect a flexible and fluid ability to rent for different amounts of time whether that is just a few days, a week or two, even up to a month! You’ll just need to provide some essential information to secure your rental and then you’re good to go!

A core belief we live by is that smaller is better. We want you to get behind the wheel of a rental car as quickly as possible rather than waiting in a line for an extended period. With our smaller nature, we can pay closer attention to each client that rents from us, allowing us the opportunity to personalize your experience and set tone for a great adventure here in Coconut Creek!

A Snapshot of Coconut Creek, FL

After renting a car from us, take it on over to the Promenade at Coconut Creek! This open-air shopping and dining plaza offers premium experiences with high end shoppes and fine dining. Populated by 36 shoppes and 14 restaurants, it is accompanied by the Silverspot Cinema, a luxury movie experience.

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Now that you’ve found car rentals near Coconut Creek, Florida, it’s time to act. When you’re ready to reserve, make sure you do it with us at Palm Beach Jeep Rentals!